Celyn Bricker

Born in Wirral in 1989 and graduated in 2012 from the joint course run by the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College. There he was awarded the Dissertation Prize and his degree show included a stunning wall composed of a large grid of the sunflower pieces which are included in this year’s Mellerstain Exhibition.
He was included in Glasgow Compass Gallery’s long-running annual New Generation Show chosen from 2012 graduates from the four Scottish Art Colleges and in McClure Art’s similar exhibition Choice at the Whitespace Gallery in Edinburgh in the same year.
He was awarded a John Kinross Scholarship by the Royal Scottish Academy in 2012 to study in Florence and is currently living and working there.
“My work is broadly concerned with the relationship between the individual and the state, most recently examined in a series of projects dealing with China. This theme is explored across a range of media, ranging from traditional drawing in ink to virtual, collaborative works using the internet. In each case the efficacy of individual agency is called into question, and is positioned in relation to the greater potential that exists in collective action.”

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