Cleo Mussi

A graduate of the textiles department at Goldsmiths College, London, Cleo Mussi’s interest in recycled fabrics and knowledge of pattern, print, weave and stitch translates easily into reclaimed ceramics.
Marks and glazes, as well as functional forms are combined to produce works whose content reflects design styles and fashion across British and international ceramic history. Chinese ceramic meets Wedgwood, Poole sits next to Japanese porcelain, and Staffordshire unites with Homebase to form a uniquely zany collection of work.
Cleo has undertaken commissions in hospitals, schools, the BBC and many public spaces, as well as for private collectors. Her work also features regularly in prestigious exhibitions: at the Saatchi Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh – and at art fairs and shows throughout the U.K.
“There is nothing we grow, make, consume, use, dispose of or attempt to destroy that ever escapes the truth of the law of conservation of energy. With this opus (Nature Recycles Everything) Mussi reveals the evolving work of the demiurge – capturing our transient influence on the planet and forcing us to confront our motivations – but still allowing us to be distracted by a witty detail, a wry observation”. (Dr. Paul Patterson)